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Terms & Conditions

1. SAFETY AND SECURITY: Our priority number one is the safety of every person in the tour. Guests must follow the instructions of the guide during the tour. Don´t touch anything without your guide authorization. Never run or jump in the woods whitout an express command to do it. All the animals are dangerous, even the cuttest ball of fur has teeths and will bite you, treat them with respect and keep your distance. Flowers, plants, rocks, and other elements, hide ants, worms, and other dangerous critters, please don't move them or even touch them. Allways wear closed shoes, long sleeves tops and bottoms, hat, mosquito repelent, sun block, and carry with you a small umbrella or rain poncho. Never enter into the water. Do not use floral parfumes or any sweet fragance. Don't wear  white color clothes. If you feel bad, for any reason, inform your guide inmediately. Nobody will be left alone in the woods for any reason. If you need to separate from the group, it only could be allowed in visitor centers or the tour vehicle. It is not allowed to walk around without the company of the guide. Weather can change any itinerary. You already accept that any tour could be changed, delayed or even canceled because of weather or any other situation that represents any risk for people. Collection of any element in nature is strictly prohibited. Only trash could be removed from the sites, and it must be authorized by the guide in advance. Guide could remove guests from the tour or even cancel it with no refund to customers if any safety regulation is violated. It's not possible enjoy a tour without safety.

2. PUNTUALITY: If you book a private tour for you, you are the owner of the time. Extra time in any stop could be managed. The ending time will allways remain as booked. If you are part of a group, even if it is a group of friends, schedule should be observed any time. The guide will allways be on time at the starting point. The rule of the 5 min courtesy waiting will be applied. After 5 minutes the group will depart, no refunds will be made. In the field, no body will be left behind.  All participants agreed that left soomebody is a matter of life or death, so every body should not get appart of the group any time. If you feel sick, is it only possible to wait for the others in visitor centers, or inside the tour vehicle. The guide is in charge of the schedule, so only him could change it, and he will, only because of security reasons. To avoind any inconvenient, please observe the time. If you want take your time, we can offer a private tour for you, please ask for special prices.

3. FIRST AID AND INCIDENT MANAGEMENT: When booking a tour you accept that in the jungle anything could happen, following all the instructions of the guide is required all the time. The Guide is certified in First Aid, but consider the following: No medicines will be provided to anybody for any reason; you accepts that guide should apply to you RCP or any other method required if there is an incident that needs it; you accepts to follow any instruction of the guide to help any other person in the group; you accept physical contact if required in an emergency situation. ROJO Birding encourage customers and friends to buy an insurance in their countries. Insurance or any other financial assistance is not included with the tours. 

4. LIABILITY LIMITATION: Customers accept in advance that the maximum liability is limited by the cost of the tour.  The only law applicable any time is the Republic of Panama laws and regulations. 

5.  POLICY IN CASE OF RAIN:  Panama is a rainy country. It rains all year long. The difference between dry and wet season is only the amount of rain, but allways is raining. There are to kinds of rain in Panama, the normal rain, and the risky rain.  All the plans will continue with normal rain. Please be prepared. A small umbrella, rain jacket or poncho is allways a good idea. Risky rain will change any plans. If the National Prevention Systems aware about any weather issue in the area of the tour, it will be delayed or canceled. If the tour is cancelled because of the weather the date could be postponed or you could ask for a 50% refund. No refunds will be made if the tour already started, and the weather conditions changed after that.

6. PAYMENTS AND REFUNDS POLICY: In order to book a service, please send the 50% of the costs quoted. The remained 50% should be covered at least 5 days before the tour.  We prefer WESTERN UNION money transfers or local ACH transactions. For last minute booked tours, please, cash only. If WU is not available in your city, we accept banking wire transfers only when the external and internal costs of the transaction is covered by the customer. Usualy Panamanian banks charge US$70 per transaction. When cancelations were presented writen, at least 45 days before the service, we offer total refund just with the coverage of costs (Bank, Wester Union, or any other). No refunds 44 days or less, before the service. An exception to this statement is our POLICY IN CASE OF RAIN. 

7. NATURE CONSERVATION POLICY: Our first priority is safety and security of anyone in our services. Our second priority is respect to nature. Litter is not allowed anytime, anyplace. Smoking is not permitted in the forest, in tranportation, or inside restaurants or any other closed areas. If you need to smoke, please use only the areas that are with proper signals allowing smoking. In Panama are a very little zones for smokers, please consider avoid smoking anytime. Don't touch any animal, do this is dangerous for you, and for the animal. Do not take anything from nature as a souvenir, any rock, flower, wood, has a purpose, please don't interfere with that. Stay in trails any time. Only your guide can ask you to enter the woods in special occasions. Don't smell the flowers, they have bugs inside. Just take pictures, leave only your footprints.