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Where do you want to bird today ?




Specific hot spots, whit specific bird species, environments, vegetation, and other forms of life.

Panama has several sites surrounding the City, and you can spend your day in different ways, combining bird watching with touristic sites, or cultural visits as you preffer.

You can start your day in a jungle, enjoying a couple of Motmots mating, have lunch in the margins of Chagres River, and end your day at the visitor center of the Panama Canal, for example.



In the country side of Panama, the wilderness is marvelous.  We provide transportation, entrance to private farms, National Parks, and other stunning sites. All the interpretation of the travel, coordination with local experts (if needed), acomodations, meals, and every detail you need to have wonderful time in the field.

We design a route with several hot spots, with a descriptive schedule, including activities, and of course a lot of birds.  This is the best way to get knoledge about biodiversity in the tropics.


You can combine several of our tours at your convenience, spending the time you want, with the flexibility of a tailor made planning.

We can include touristic sites, culture experiences, jungles, farms, islands, beaches, and almost every site in the Panamanian geography.

We will advise you about wheater, costs, requirements, timing, points of interest, and every aspect that matters to increase your satisfaction with your time.

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